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The Real Number System - Always, Sometimes, or Never Card Sort

This card sort activity has students categorize 24 statements about the Real Number System as Always True, Sometimes True, and Never True. The statements relate to the different types of numbers in the Real Number System: Real, Irrational, Rational, Integer, Whole, and Natural. 8.2A Extend previous knowledge of sets and subsets using a visual representation to describe relationships between sets of real numbers


This graphic organizer may be used as an informal pre-assessment, class practice, buddy activity, math notebook notes, or individual note taking for the Real Number System. The task includes a number "Sprinkles" bank. Directions: Students will first 'Sprinkle" the numbers on the ice cream scoops in order to classify irrational numbers, rational numbers, whole numbers, integers, and natural numbers.

Classifying real numbers using the concept of Russian nesting dolls - The natural set fits in the whole number set which fits in the integer set which fits in the rational number set. Note that the rational set and irrational set are the same size to show that neither one fits into the other.

Real Number System MATH POSTER - Perfect Resource to Use All Year - 20"x32"


REAL NUMBER SORT: Comparing & Ordering Real Numbers Flexible Group Task

REAL-NUMBER-SORT-Comparing-Ordering-Real-Numbers-Flexible-Group-Task-1445173 Teaching Resources -


Grade 8 Algebra Interactive Notebook