We flip for Fin Fun mermaid tails! The original real swim-able mermaid tail. guaranteed to make you and your child's dreams come true! Perfect for the pool, ocean, or even the tub. Get your tail at FinFunMermaid.com

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Unicorns are courageous loyal and fearless companions. They cannot be owned, nor commanded, one must wait to be chosen.

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Beautiful Mermaid Crystal! tail by Finfolk products full silicone mermaid tail with the Loreena fluke

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Underwater swimmer Hannah Fraser has been fascinated with mermaids since she was three years old. Hannah, 36, an Australian who now lives in LA, made her first mermaid tail at the age of nine, after seeing the film Splash with Daryl Hannah. Now she works as a model, actress and performer, swimming with whales, dolphins, stingrays and even sharks.

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Ever wondered what color your tail would be if you were a mermaid? Well... Let's find out!

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This is our Beautiful Ariel tail! From FinFolk... look at this stuff isn't it neat.... To book her for your next swimming party visit www.wandsandwishesoccasions.com

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Fin Fun Mermaid - makers of real mermaid tails you can swim in! Our mermaid tail and monofin combination provides the look, movement and fun of swimming like a real mermaid. Adult sizes to toddler mermaid costumes and matching swim suits, too!

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