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Narcisse had ingested some poison like this and when he slipped into his death-like state was buried. Then someone came and dug him up. Upon awakening he was giving doses of a “zombie powder” which contained the drug Datura stramonium. The drug puts the user in an emotionless, trance-like state, but the user can still perform menial tasks. In Narcisse’s case he was used as slave labor on a sugar plantation. He was a zombie-slave for 18 years.

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How to make a real life zombie

How to make a real life zombie: Sure, you've seen them in the movies — but is it really possible to turn someone into a zombie? The short (and frightening) answer is yes.


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Zombie Apocalypse

real life zombies | ... Salts Associated With Real Life Zombie Attacks.|Hopped Up Homeless

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Real-Life Locations That Would Make Badass Supervillain Lairs