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^<3^ her "Majesty" (pedunculate oak '1720'). Fairy tale oak tree considered to be the mightiest and finest of all ancient trees in Britain. She is also considered the thickest tree in Britain, her trunk 13ft across with a circumference of 40ft when measured at chest height. She is over 500 years old & is entirely hollow inside, as is very often the case with old oak trees. #MajestyOak #QuercusRobur #PedunculateOak #FredvillePark #Kent #Nonington #OakTree #EnglishOak #OaksNice

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Terrariums: beautiful enclosed gardens you can build at home

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The hippies are alive and well. - Page 3

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BELIEVERS!! It's because there's POWER IN OUR PRAYER!! and the enemy knows it ties his hands, and he can't accomplish his ultimate goal of ruling the world!! PRAY PRAY PRAY according to scripture and fast if you are able❤️❤️❤️

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Daily motivation (25 photos)

The soul of the land can best be felt through the soles of you feet. ~Essence of Wild I walk through a forest everyday! Being in such a natural, unspoiled place brings you back to Mother Earth!

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Which Percy Jackson character are you?

Umbra Sehr sehr scheu. Legende: Jeder der es je zu Gesicht bekommen hat stirbt Kurz danach. Auch der Tod auf Hufen genant.

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