Although this is probably ever mans dream to have his women server him food and a beer naked, this whole image is very sexist. The fact that is says "train," tells that this is not something that comes naturally to her. This is something that her husband has taught her to do. If this image was reverse and the male was not clothed serving his wife, it would have been looked at as not normal or weird because it is more socially acceptable for a women to do that rather than a man.
Trumps choice for Ambassador to the Pope...wife of Newt Gingrich...should be hair of the dog!
As with Jan Osah's other CFNM stories, half the fun of this story is the fact that it starts in the real world and then follows the line of male erotic fantasy into the stratosphere of absurdity. If you are a guy with a nurse fetish it may be advisable to monitor your blood pressure while reading. After all, you don't want to end up in hospital... or do you? #erotica
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how else do you explain how female characters are practically naked while male characters are  covered in armor?
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true ...
Love this pose.
Ooh. Sexism sells.
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