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Every day when I read stories with my preschooler she likes to read each book twice. I read it to her the first time and then she reads it back to me. She doesn't actually know how to read yet, so more than anything it's a great comprehension exercise with her re-telling me the story. We made some <b> Santa and Reindeer Stick Puppets </b> to go along with a book we've been reading to make her retellin...


I can't tell you how many times I've read stories with horribly written villains. Here's how to make your your villain is authentic!

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ELVES AND THE SHOEMAKER Vintage Ladybird Book Well Loved Tales Series 606D Gloss Hardback 1988

Ladybird Books. 'The Elves and the Shoemaker. My goodness I am now 58yrs old and these delightful books take me right back, right back to such a wonderful happy childhood. My brother and I loved them. KMW

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Stories: a Destiel high school AU - Stories: a Destiel high school AU

Read "Stories: a Destiel high school AU" #fanfiction hey guys i started a fanfic please read it and tell me what you think !


This book containing stories that usually have morals inspire all who read it. Not only it has been adapted to theatre, TV, and inspired other books, the name has also claimed fame from Disney's film version. Its exquisite writing and creative story has been a classic for children, told by anyone and everyone.


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