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Reading Genre Posters • Reading Genre Anchor Charts • Reading Posters

These beautiful Reading Genre Posters in chalkboard décor theme or in white classroom décor theme are PERFECT for your classroom! You will love having these Reading Genre Anchor Charts in your classroom on display!

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Reading Genres Posters

18 Reading Genres Posters for Reading area, bulletin board, or Classroom Library Folktales, Fairy Tales, Mythology, Tall Tales, Fables, Legends, Nonfiction, Historical Fiction, Biography, Autobiography, Fantasy, Realistic Fiction, Science Fiction, Comedy, Horror, Drama, Poetry, Mystery

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Reading Genres

Reading Genres Jeopardy style game show! Excellent practice for your 2nd to 5th Grade students. With 25 practice problems, in a game show setting, your students will get lots of review. This one was a teacher request and I'm loving how it turned out! Game Show categories include: What's My Genre?, Name It, Read or Re-Shelve?, Title Teaser, On the Cover $

A way to organize your literature curriculum: Genres.... "Knowledge of different genres gives students useful schemata-frameworks for understanding born of prior knowledge and experience-for story types" (Lynch-Brown, Short, & Tomlinson, p. 247).

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Reading Badges: Use Genre Stickers Motivate Reading ♦ 40 Book Challenge

Genre Badges motivate students to read different types of books. 16 genre badges can be used on tic tac toe boards or ribbons. Keep students reading a variety of texts all year!

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Emoji Reading Genre Posters (editable)

Emoji Reading Genre Posters (editable). Perfect and SUPER VISUAL way for students to learn book genres (and great for a 40 book reading challenge). Be sure to check these out!

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The Reader's Notebook

readers notebook ideas, liked the genre overview that each child can have in their readers notebook


I like how students can keep track of genres as well as make goals for themselves.


GENRE BINGO Students cross off a box after reading a book with the goal of getting 5 boxes in a row, column or diagnoally across. Helps encourage readers to branch out in their selections.

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Reading Genres Anchor Charts

Reading Genre Posts