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Kaneki Ken deserved so much better

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I know most people like R&J cause it's called "classic" but compared to TG it is a complete trash to me |Tokyo Ghoul

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'Yeah, reading a book is usually like being stabbed. Yeah, pretty similar.' << Haha! And, besides, knowing Kaneki he probably DID learn most of those moves from a book...

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I have this track on my phone along with other anime themes

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Allow us some nice fan service before we see you fight for your life. Again. (Tokyo Ghoul)

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Worst part is I loved coffee even before I watched Tokyo Ghoul

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Time doesn't heal anything | Quotes | Ken Kaneki | Tokyo Ghoul ▪

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Tokyo Ghoul:re 106 - Read Tokyo Ghoul:re ch.106 Online For Free - Stream 5 Edition 1 Page All - MangaPark