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Rayan Air

The impact threw all the air from Kat's lungs, the sound of bones cracking filling her ears. She starred dead straight, her eyes glistening.


Πληρώνει πολλά η Rayan Air αν η αεροσυνοδός σου κάψει τα… μπ@λάκι@ με ζεστό τσάι!

MH370: head of search says 'very likely' plane will be found by July

Flight officer Rayan Gharazeddine on board a Royal Australian Air Force AP-3C Orion searches for missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370.

Flight officer Rayan Gharazeddine scans the water in the southern Indian Ocean off Australia from a Royal Australian Air Force AP-3C Orion during a search for the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, on March 22, 2014. (AP File Photo/Rob Griffith)

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