Thai Garlic Prawns Recipe - also known as Goong Gratiem - this is an insanely tasty Thai dish of prawns, or shrimp with garlic, chilli and light tempura style batter.

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Spicy prawn cakes. Delicious, substantial and healthy in every way. Win-win-win! Approx 140 cals for 3 cakes.

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This vibrant chilli prawn recipe is the perfect midweek meal: quick, simple and absolutely delicious. The prawns are cooking in warming chilli butter and served with a pasta and tomato salad.

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Potatoes ravioli filled with liquid artichokes, bouillabaisse, raw prawn and black olives powder - The ChefsTalk Project

Malaysian prawn curry laksa - a perfect blend of creamy coconut milk, prawns and spices

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How to make goong che nam pa - raw prawns soaked in fish sauce dressing

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