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To Wrench, Or Not To Wrench

That is the question. Whether 'tis nobler for the Jalop to suffer the dealers and technicians that cost an outrageous fortune, or to take up tools against a sea of troubles, and by himself end them.

from Mail Online

I've just twigged this is fun! Raven lays back and enjoys playing with his new toy

The bird can be clearly seen to be playing with the stick in the park in Schleswig, Germany


huether: Called “feathered apes” for their simian like smarts, crows use tools, understand physics, and recognize themselves and humans. But new research suggests that the brainy birds may be even smarter than was previously thought. Given a complex problem and an assortment of tools, New Caledonian crows came up with a creative solution that hints at higher-order thinking.

Raven: Curious...The voice is normally a distinctive deep, harsh croak, or hollow croaking honk. Ravens have a large, complex vocabulary of sounds in their repertoire including a high knocking "toc toc toc", a dry, grating "Kraa", low guttural rattles, and some more musical calls. Captive birds have even been taught to speak.


Moonlight Sonata listening, waiting, for your safe return home. I miss you severely, and rely upon bitter sweet memories meeting, greeting, only to say goodbye. Tonight a full moon brings you full circle to finally arrive and leave my arms no longer. Together, we go forward as one, never to separate individually ever again. You are my life and I am yours. You complete me and somehow I do the same for you!


The chap who makes these has used the same technique as me -- using an edging tool on the lines and then a background texturer. Love those deer horns!