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Crow "Handsome fellow," She said. Blue-black, Eyes of knowing, cocked Head, he is peering At her with certainty. "Caw!" His answer of love.

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Caite becomes a raven. The Mystic Princesses and the Whirlpool.

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raven (and @Jade Alvarez Alvarez Alvarez Alvarez Alvarez Green Driskell Newberg, you know what this reminds me of, don't you???)

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Corvid | Crow | Raven | Rook | La Corneille | Il Corvo | 烏 | El Cuervo | ворона | 乌鸦 | More

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Raven. The Remington Vampires' Shapeshift Forms so they can face the sunlight without getting burned.

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Crows' excellent memory helps them tell human friend from foe

(Crows have an excellent memory for human faces, a study has revealed.) * * THEY ALSO HAVE OVER 300 DIFFERENT CALLS.

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