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Rational Numbers on a Number Line - Task Card Activity (6.NS.6)

Rational Number SCOOT! Students rotate around the room, matching rational numbers on task cards with their location on a number line recording sheet.

The Number Line: Rational Numbers and Football- In this interactive, students add and subtract plays on a football field to practice working with negative and positive integers on the number line. Each set of randomized drives consists of seven to nine plays and ends with a touchdown. Plays are represented with equations. When students place the football at the correct point for each play, the answer to the corresponding equation is automatically filled in.

Scavenger Hunt: Compare, Locate, & Order Rational Numbers

#msmsale This compare, locate, and order rational numbers scavenger hunt allow students to have a movement-based way of reviewing concepts to math problems. How are your scavenger hunts different from others?My scavenger hunts are completely different than anything on TPT, and anywhere else.

Classifying Rational Numbers

Classifying Rational Numbers - a fun mystery pattern activity to practice classifying rational, integer, and whole numbers. Math can be fun! |

Rational Number Operations Bingo

Review adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing rational numbers (positive and negative fractions & mixed numbers) with this fun and challenging bingo game!** Please note that this game is also included in my Middle School Math Bingo Bundle and my Rational Number Operations Bundle! **The rational number addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division questions in this game range in difficulty level as some questions contain two positive fractions/mixed numbers and others contain...

Common Core - Ordering Rational Numbers Secret Message - Math Fun! from Mathematic Fanatic on (2 pages)

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Classifying Rational Numbers Card Sort (Rational, Whole, & Integers)

My students had so much fun doing this Classifying Rational numbers card sort activity in their interactive notebooks! This worksheet really helped them understand the difference between Whole Numbers, Integers, and Rational numbers!

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