Our rare boy names 2016 collection is built by looking in places that most people wouldn’t look. It takes certain amount of research skills to go in depth analysis and find rare baby names for boys that are not weird or sound awful. You can’t afford to have bullies telling your son how strange his name sounds every time they see him. On the other hand, what you really want is a name that will make him proud each and every day of his life. A name that you chose after carefully analyzing all…

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Looking for rare baby names for boys, choices that feel modern but have history and roots, too? Twain fits right in with Ford and Ridge, Finn and Jude. Ties to the writer Mark Twain make this a literary baby name, too.

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Rustic chic baby names, all one syllable and pretty rare! Names for boys and girls, plus some that work for both.

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Hezekiah: Once cherished in the pioneer days of America, this intriguing biblical name is beginning to charm parents yet again. It's a rare choice that combines the soft sounds of Jeremiah with the lovable quirkiness of Ezekiel. In fact, the nickname Zeke is a possibility for a little Hezekiah, as well as other splashy choices like Hezzie, Ky, or Kiah. Biblical Baby Boy Names

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Jeriah: A rare choice found in the Old Testament, Jeriah hits a sweet spot with its popular -iah ending and brevity. It works well among other hit biblical names, while keeping its appeal as a unique option. Biblical Baby Boy Names

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