Rare meaning

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Are we really that rare? I don't like to think we are, because that means most of us, however few we are, feel very lonely very much of the time. I know I do.

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English siz-i-jee Amazingly the only English word with three Ys also happens to describe a rare astronomical event involving three heavenly bodies.

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Happy childhoods don't equal a big house, fancy clothes or cars. It means laughing, spending quality time and doing things together.

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Kakapo: rare bird of NZ: only 62 left in existence. The name comes from the Maori language, meaning “night parrot”

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Etymology Logos is Greek for "word", lepsy is Greek, "to seize" Noun logolepsy (plural logolepsies) (rare) A fascination or obsession with words.

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I remember seeing this when I was really little and being quite confused and a little scared!

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This foreign avenue, this bustling marketplace, this hub of culture was full of selcouth and alluring sounds, aromas and faces.

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The word ‘said’ is dead… admitted declared announced confessed uttered questioned queried told proposed corrected advised recommended suggested apologized acknowledged divulged conceded offered retorted rebuked chided reprimanded scolded pointed out

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