This will help very much with drawing rapunzel's dress!

flower-gleam-and-gloww: “Rapunzel has a very complicated costume, and good reference photos are hard to come by! I took it upon myself to put together a detailed, in depth explanation of her costume and how it works. I hope it is descriptive enough.

Keep Moving Forward

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Awesome Rapunzel Cosplay! (Love the Sun design on the wall to the left!)

me as Rapunzel! ah, i'm sooo happy, that i can finally show you my long long braid, guys! ** did you miss Rapunzel? TANGLED: coming home

Fine detailing in Rapunzel's dress

Fine detailing in Rapunzel's dress There is a lot of detail. I have a purple dress that's the right length, color, has puffyish sleeves, and comes across my chest the right way.