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Adele Invergordon: Was there something about me that you particularly missed? Somethin that I can feel gratified about depriving you all these years? Rannulph Junuh: I liked the way we danced...

Bagger Vance (Will Smith) to Rannulph Junuh (Matt Damon) : "I hear you lost your swing. I guess we got to go find it." -- from The Legend of Bagger Vance (2000) directed by Robert Redford

One of my other favorite moments in the movie, Junah, the once local golf great who went off to war and since returning cannot return to his old form, finds himself in the woods about to give up by picking up his ball and calling it quits on the final round and tournament - Bagger helps him remember his own true authentic swing once again

Siamo in Georgia negli anni Trenta. Rannulph Junuh, ex giocatore di golf segnato dalle ferite della Prima guerra mondiale, deve trovare a tutti i costi il suo swing perduto. Ci pensa Bagger Vance, personaggio che compare dal nulla, ad indicare al campione traumatizzato la via da seguire per diventare ancora una volta un campione imbattibile…

#LaleggendadiBaggerVance (2000, di #RobertRedford) - Ognuno ha il proprio posto, nella vita come sul campo (green). Lo (ri)scoprirà anche Rannulph Junuh ( #MattDamon) dando ascolto a un misterioso straniero ( #WillSmith).

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