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3 July 2015 | Richard Rankin with Outlander's Rosie Day, The Syndicate co-star Cara Theobold and Alice Sykes at the Audi Polo Challenge 2015 at Cambridge County Polo Club, Cambridge, England


Leithan Spinks , 82, was born a slave to Fay Thompson , in Rankin County, Mississippi. Soon after Leithan's birth, Mr. Thompson moved to E. Foliciana Parish, Louisiana. Leithean was happy in slave days, and stayed with her master two years after she was freed. She lives at 2600 Herrick St., Fort Worth, Texas.

Sheral Lee Smith, 39-year-old former private school teacher pled guilty to statutory rape in Hinds County Circuit Court. Smith had earlier plead guilty to four counts of statutory rape in Rankin County.


Leithan Spinks, 82, was born a slave to Fay Thompson, in Rankin County, Mississippi. She lives at 2600 Herrick St., Fort Worth, Texas. "I's eighty-two years old and mammy had it right there in de Bible, marked when I's birthed, in 1855. I's birthed in Mississippi but a little while after, massa goes to Louisiana, over in East Feliciana Parish, and when I's old 'nough to 'member, we'uns am there, 'twixt New Roads and Jackson, right near the Mississippi River."

The Rankin House in Ripley Ohio was an important stop on the Underground Railroad in southern Ohio through which many slaves escaped from the South to freedom. John Rankin was a Presbyterian minister and educator who devoted much of his life to the antislavery movement. From 1825 to 1865 Rankin and his wife Jean, with their Brown County neighbors, sheltered more than 2,000 slaves escaping to freedom, with as many as 12 escapees being hidden in the Rankin home at one time.