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Random Drawing Generator

S4 by Emma McNally, But though one’s initial impression may be of maps or other kinds of compressed or abstracted informational forms, in the end these works are fully independent of the types of object they superficially resemble. … McNally is technically very inventive, generating with the pencil a multiplicity of lines, dots, scratches or tracks, building up individual works from literally thousands and thousands of marks that frequently make up specific units or shapes.

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A random drawing idea generator app. Download it from Apple Store and Windows Store. Coming soon for Android. 🙂 #ArtBlockCureApp #artblock #pug #shaolinmonk #monk #shaolin #kidlit #kidlitart #kidsillustration #childrenillustration #digitalart #traditionalart #painting #digitalpainting #ipadart #ipadpro #dailydoodle2016 #dailydrawing #illustration #illustragram #pugart #characterdesign #surfacepro4 #surface #digitalart #dessin #dibujo #drawingideas #digitalillustration #doodleoftheday

Im having a kit giveaway and the lucky winner will get any... Im having a kit giveaway and the lucky winner will get any four kits of their choosing. Heres how it goes: - Reblog this post to enter. You can reblog this post as many times as you want. - You must be following me to win. If you enter with a sideblog please put your main blog in the tags EACH time you reblog. - No giveaway blogs. - Reblog by February 29th to enter. Winner will be chosen March 1st. - There are no regional…

A set of Flash-based free tech tools for teachers. Unlike some, the random name generator comes up in a different order every time.

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HOW TO KEEP YOUR STUDENTS ENGAGED......Use this free online random name generator (which works from your class list) as the perfect compliment to the "no hands up" strategy. My students love it!

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Danielle Mazur: Climate Change - One of the main reason is fossil fuels such as oil, coal and natural gas as they supply most of the energy needed to run vehicles, generate electricity for industries and households. The energy sector is responsible for about 3/4 of the carbon dioxide emissions & 1/5 of the methane emissions. This is one of the main human causes which have impacted climate change.

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