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How about instead of paying the bills for other countries, we start paying our own?! -Rand Paul

ZERO !!!!! Well now I'll have to do some serious research because any man who thinks like this may be worth voting for!

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Rand Paul: Relax Marijuana Penalties, Allow States to Determine Pot Policy | Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) has stated although he doesn’t personally believe cannabis should be legalized, the current penalties are overly harsh, and he supports I-502 & Amendment 64. “I want things to be decided more at a local basis, with more compassion. I think it would make us as Republicans different,” Paul said. Lets hope the GOP absorbs more Libertarian ideals.

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Rand Paul Blocks Surgeon General Nominee For Saying Gun Violence Is A Public Health Threat

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Rand Paul’s Faux-Libertarian Opposition to the Patriot Act

Rand Paul is not so much a proponent of limited government as an opponent of government, period. That's not what conservatives believe. Rand Paul, the Patriot Act, and His Faux-Libertarian Opposition to It | National Review Online

Deported Immigrants Get Grants From Obama Administration

Deported Immigrants Get Taxpayer-Funded Grants From Obama Administration

Rand Paul’s spectacular crash: How a man of principle turned into a generic politician

Sen. Rand Paul, the eye doctor turned politician, officially kicked off his long-awaited campaign for the Republican presidential nomination Tuesday in his home state of Kentucky, intent on waging a campaign.

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Civil forfeiture laws, which allow the government to seize assets merely suspected by law enforcement of being used for criminal activities, are an affront to Americans’ Constitutional property rights. Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.) recently unveiled a plan to reform them.

Sen. Rand Paul: My filibuster was just the beginning

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