The Rampart Scandal Explodes

timeline of the LAPD Rampart scandal in the late 90s photo of a rampart truck

Set in the late ‘90s against the backdrop of Los Angeles’ infamous Rampart scandal, one of the largest police misconduct cases in US history, a dirty LAPD officer (Woody Harrelson) attempts to preserve his twisted notion of law enforcement and salvage his crumbling private life. #Rampart #LAPD #police #movies #film #LA

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153 South Rampart Street. The Fashionable Establishment of the City. [This was a French dress making business owned by Francois Cazelle. Not too many years earlier the structure was PROBABLY used as a brothel (until the Storyville ordinance put the location outside of the "legal" district). The building has been demolished and the site is now occupied by the California Building.]

On this day in 1991, a young black man named Rodney King was arrested in Los Angeles after a high speed chase. He was tasered and repeatedly beaten by white officers of the Los Angeles Police Department - the whole incident captured on film. The resulting trial, and acquittal, of the officers triggered city-wide riots. 3/3/91.

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"Looking through the Gaps: A Critical Approach to the LAPD's Rampart Scandal" by Kaplan, Paul J. - Social Justice, Vol. 36, Issue 1, Spring 2009 | Online Research Library: Questia

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