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What to know BEFORE you start raising bees.

Raising bees can be a fun and rewarding part of homesteading. Here are some things you need to know BEFORE you get started. The Homesteading Hippy


Beekeeping 101: Getting Started Part 1—The Bees

Getting started in beekeeping? Here is a beginner's guide to raising bees in your backyard from The Old Farmer's Almanac.


Beekeeping Beginners - Find the Best Beehive Location For Your Colony of Bees

Beekeeping beginners will need to find the best possible beehive location. Here's how.

How to Raise Honeybees in Mason Jars Getting Started Before you do anything, it's important to use common sense and realize that not everyone can build a hive for thousands of bees in their back ya...

Raising Chickens & Honey Bees Together


Backyard Beekeeping Gaining Popularity in Maryland

Bee Death - Infopic on what kills our honey bees on mass. Apis Mellifera. Come and learn more at: Don't forget ants,bears,starvation,fire,robber bees,skunks


A Father-Son Team Raises $10 Million for Their Beekeeping Invention on Indiegogo

Honey, the rich gold liquid that we all love is the miraculous creation of industrious honey bees. However, while the delicious sweetener has been used for over years, extracting it is still a laborious process that is stressful for both humans and bees.