Rainy window

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This photo is luminous because the lights on the buildings illuminate the city even through the rainy weather. Elements include pattern, depth of field, color and open composition.

candlelight reading | rainy day | relax

The Perfect Evening - reading a good book as the rain pitter patters on the windows. A cup of steaming hot chocolate.

Rainy days.. by Aisha Yusaf - Photo 124285665 - 500px

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Rainy days...I would stay in that bed forever and ever

"What do you want to do today?" "Nothing, but curl up in this bed, listen to the rain, and fall asleep with you"

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☼ stay for the storm if you can take it ♡ but pray for a raincoat ☾ // mrsandmrstyles †

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When the rain obscures an image, I imagine that Mother Nature is growing tired of the world. Or perhaps she only tries to heal it, with this being her way of pulling attention away from cold mechanics and to a more natural serenity

bed next to desk and window

The ideal setup: foggy window, bed with a view, and a little area for my phone and notebook 😍

Sunset through rain spattered window

Sunset through rain spattered window. The beautiful glow that warms you inside.