Old Ways Handy Farm Devices - Cobleigh - chapter 3b Perhaps something like this can be rigged to keep rainwater cistern clean

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Rainwater cistern. Hope to have one above grade and one below acting as the overflow. The galvanized tank give a nice asthetic.

Rainwater Cistern -- This would be great on every SCHOOL in America...at the very least....

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Rainwater cistern water system. For my cabin use, I would separate the bathtubs, showers, and toilets from the drinking water and sinks. Then, if you have no other source of water, heavily filter water to the sinks. You could also use the 5 gallon water bottles for drinking/ cooking water. I would also redirect the sink and tub water to a tank for watering trees and shrubs, but not food garden.

Here in California water has a topic of conversation wherever we go. Creeks and ponds dried up (some we think might never recover) and the water table dropped, forcing a few neighbors to have their well pumps lowered or to even have deeper wells drilled. Many folks have shared memories of rain barrels, cisterns, hand pumps and drawing water with a well bucket as a child, usually on grandpa and grandma’s farm. Some said they’d never want to rely again on those old-time methods of getting…

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