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SUPERCELL STORM: "supercells usually produce huge amounts of hail, torrential rainfall, strong winds, and substantial downbursts and they are often carriers of giant hail" -


Rainfall Amounts from Hurricane Matthew in Eastern Virginia & NE North Carolina-- October 8-9 2016

Disney World Weather Cheat Sheet: Average Temperatures and Rainfall Don't pack your bags until you check weather averages! Find more great DISNEY tips and tricks on!

Fortuneswell, Isle of Portland, England (by Peter Allen) Visit for holidays in England. Where my grandparents lived.


#AFRICA. tropical, equatorial and mid-latitude regions. Forecast map the spatial distribution of the anomalies of the #precipitaciones provided from Wednesday 21 to Thursday 29 September 2016. The map represents how much it will rain forecast in percentage compared to normal values ​​(climatological statistics on this scale equivalent to 100% blank map areas). In blue, prediction values ​​exceeding 100% precipitation. Red, cumulative rainfall amounts provided below 100% (or is it planned…

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Zone 5 stretches from Maine to Missouri to Utah and even to Colorado. However, the local climates among these locations are all different. Each location has unique environmental factors that also affect the growing season. These factors include soil, number of frost-free days, rainfall amounts, summer heat levels, soil moisture, humidity, and day length. | Gardening Tips for Growing a Vegetables in Maine Zone 5 | Grow a Good Life

from Illinois State Climatologist

Wettest August, Wettest July-August in Illinois

Here are the August rainfall amounts and departures from normal (click to enlarge). The shades of blue indicate rainfall totals in excess of 5 inches (left panel), while the shades of green show rainfall totals that are above normal (right panel). Illinois is a sea of blue and green in these maps, which may be appropriate since all you see outside is either water or lush vegetation. There are two bands of higher monthly totals – one across northern along Interstate 80... (MRCC)