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How to Make Rainbow Shots

The Rainbow Shots party trick is amazing: pour 7 different colored shots out of the same shaker, in front of everyone!

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Rainbow Birthday Party Ideas

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Confetti Cake.. love this! - @Katelyn Robles I'll be making this for your bachelorette party....with zebra striped cake.

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Amazing white rainbow snapped over Scottish moor

Fog bow (colourless rainbow made up of tiny water droplets that cause fog) on Rannoch Moor

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Rainbow eucalyptus resemble colourful works of art after shedding their bark

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Flaming Rainbows Watch us make Rainbow Shots: FLAMING RAINBOWS Grenadine Orange Juice Vodka Club Soda Blue Food Coloring Bacardi 151 Instagram Photo Credit: @louthebartender #cocktail #drink #vodka #rum #rainbow #fire

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Storm chaser snaps shot of a tornado next to a rainbow in Colorado

Unreal: Jason has spent 10 years as an amateur storm chaser, but it was the first time he took his son Chase along with him

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