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Rainbow Birthday Party Ideas


Slanted Rainbow Jello Shots

Slanted Rainbow Jelly have to ask yourself if this is worth all that work...and the answer would be HELL YA!


Easy and Unique Jello Shot Recipes

How to Make Rainbow Jello Shots - Recipe With Pictures

Rainbow Jell-O shots are a perfect treat to serve at any rainbow-themed party, especially Gay Pride parties!


Spiked Rainbow Ribbon Salad

Amazing layered rainbow jelly. I hate jello and am not to fussed on jelly unless it is made with fruit juice, but I reckon I'd still give this a go!


Jello Shots! Ultimate list:102 recipes and by jello flavor - See more at: have combined all the recipes I have seen over the last few years. In addition to 102 recipes, toward the end you will see which liquors work best with what Jello flavor, info on where to find su...


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Jello (with or without alcohol) in an orange peel. :) It seems as if I love the look of rainbow food.


How To Make Jello Shots

how to make rainbow jello shots : Rainbow Jello Shots : How to make a stunning adult rainbow shot to impress at your next party- why do kids have to have all the fun?