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teapalm: (Tasha Marie)

I think rainy days are one of the most beautiful things in life.

Perfect weather for reading. Rain, Rain, Beautiful Rain. Watch it if you’re in a drought zone. Be transported.

Whimsical Raindrop Cottage Note: I can see, hear, smell, taste & touch the rain in my mind and it is delightful!

rainy gif | Rain (GIF)

Rain (GIF)

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MRW my best friend and I aren't speaking and her meddling friends just keep making it worse. I miss you buddy.

13. The way it feels look look up and see so many rain drops falling from the sky is incomporable. However, we are not the only planet to experience rain; Venus rains sulfuric acid, and scientists suspect that on Venus and Jupiter, it rains diamonds!

15 Breathtakingly Tiny Miracles In Our Everyday World!

И дорога хоть куда, но залИла всё вода.

Синемаграфы - "живые" фотоснимки.

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Acho que já tivemos chuva que chega, não acham? Dias úmidos e cinzentos que nos fazem querer ficar em casa, o que nem sempre é possível...


#wattpad #fanfiction 'I'm nuts! Baby I'm mad. The craziest friend That you've ever had You think I'm psycho, You think I'm gone, Tell the psychiatrist something is wrong. Over the bend,  Entirely bonkers You like me best, When I'm off my rocker. Tell you a secret, I'm not alarmed. So what if I'm crazy? The best people...

Mad Hatter》Tom Riddle Era - 0.

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