I like this photo, I like the slightly Polaroid effect on the photo, it looks very vintage and then the words and blank paper added on is really effective because it makes the photo stand out and appear much more interesting.

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These bags brought cheers and collective sighs of relief from everyone in my house: Rah-rah-aaah!! In my flat-out refusal to use plastic produce bags at the grocery, I have had many, ummm, 'interesting' checkout experiences with big piles of uncontained, roly-poly, round things. But that stops today, baby. With these new produce bags, we'll definitely get The Happy back when we checkout now!

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Red hair is another trend I love. Red goes good with almost everything. I also love the grunge type of style she is wearing.

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Are you looking for amazing bikinis? Shop here: www.look-z.co.uk #holidays #beach #bikinis

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:: FC Andy biersack :: Hello, I'm Andrew Black. Captain of The Andromeda. I'm 21. I'm a playboy. I'm secretive and sneaky. I love rum. I don't talk about my past to anyone. I'm looking for a right hand man, or woman, to run the ship with me. I have trust issues. I'm after a treasure that is buried in the Lost Isles and will set my journey there. I want to find the fountain of youth in the New World. I love gold and am greedy. (He's broken inside but no one knows.)

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Does anyone else see the first one that says "I hate it when you look in your closet for clothes and you find narnia

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Coup de coeur pour la collection Bantu de la marque de la styliste angolaise Soraya da Piedade. La marque est connue pour son sens de l’élégance: des tenues féminines et class avec un véritable cachet. La marque est clairement conçue pour les femmes modernes qui accordent une attention particulière à leurs vêtements. A l’origine, la marque ...

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