Ragnar death

Ragnar lothbrok talking to his daughter.

Ragnar Lothbrok talking to his daughter Gyda. This part had me bawling.

'Vikings' Season 4B Spoilers: Ragnar's Death Imminent? Lagertha Lives! - http://www.hofmag.com/vikings-season-4b-spoilers-ragnars-death-imminent-lagertha-lives/170420

Vikings Season Spoilers reveal that Ragnar might be headed to the big Viking heaven in the sea. Lagertha is also believed to be alive!

Lagertha devastated by Ragnar's death, saying goodbye to his ghost that visited her when he died.

Lagertha devastated by Ragnar's death

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Am Unterarm parallel zu 'odin', das 'bAck' aus dem Knoten?