Dental School Joke - #Dental students love radiology. Reading #50ShadesofGray means studying #Radiology

Just need to take 4 bitewings on this patient Will take 5 appointments overworked dental student

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Xray Tech Keychain Radiology Tech Monogram Personalized

Kv chart

Best Medicine For Neuropathy In Feet

Important chest x ray

This patient had climbed on top of a truck, on his way back down his ring got caught on a protruding screw. Unfortunately in this case reimplantation was impossible!

Radiography student

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What You Need to Know if You Want to be an X-ray Tech

What You Need to Know if You Want to Be an X-ray Tech

In while experimenting with cathode rays, physics professor Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen, asked his wife to set her hand on a photographic plate. The result was the very first human x-ray. Here's the full story of how it happened.