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Medical Badge Reel - Human Anatomy Art - Badge Reel - Hand Art - Nurse Badge Reel - Radiology Tech - Skeleton Badge Reel - Teacher Badge Reel - Office Badge Reel. Skeleton Hand Badge Reel - Round badge measures 1.5 inches in diameter - Professionally printed artwork has a clear Mylar covering (simply wipe clean) - 24 inch retractable cord - Choice of Swivel Clip (360 degree rotation) or Belt Clip - Perfect for anyone required to wear an ID badge - Made in USA.

Physiology Review Conducting Zone Made up of rigid passageways that serve to warm, moisten, and filter the inhaled air: nose, nasal cavity, pharynx, larynx, trachea, primary bronchi, tertiary bronchi, bronchioles, terminal bronchioles. Air passages undergo 23 orders of branching in the lungs which significantly increases cross sectional area for flow


Surface projections of the major organs of the trunk, using the vertebral column and rib cage as main reference points of superficial anatom...


Trauma in the You may have numerous bills to take care of if you get an injury to the head. If the trauma was a result of negligence, then you could file a lawsuit.