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Light Energy (Radiant) Energy of Motion (Kinetic Energy) Heat (thermal) Energy Electrical Energy Nuclear Energy (Not at 5 th grade) Chemical Energy Food.

Radiant Energy To Thermal Energy Experiment

Radiant Energy To Thermal Energy Experiment I thought I would share a really simple but very cool experiment to demonstrate Radiant Energy being converted into Thermal Energy. First let's define: R...


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Forms of Energy Foldable: Sound and Light, Thermal, Potential and Kinetic etc

Forms of Energy Cootie Catchers/ Fortune Tellers: These cootie catchers are a great way for students to have fun while learning about the different forms of Energy. There are two versions which contain the following vocabulary terms: Energy, Thermal energy, Nuclear energy, Chemical energy, Radiant energy, Sound/ Acoustic energy, Friction, Electrical energy And Potential energy, Kinetic energy, Elastic energy, Temperature, Heat, Conduction, Convecti...

Types of Energy Doodle Notes

Give your student's a break from traditional notes and have them actively engaged! These doodle notes encourage students to use creativity and both hemispheres of their brain. This is a graphic organizer in which students can identify and illustrate the types of energy. Included are: Potential Energy Kinetic Energy Mechanical Energy Elastic Energy Gravitational Energy Thermal Energy Radiant Energy Chemical Energy Electrical Energy Nuclear Energy Sound Energy


Geothermal heat pumps, or ground source heat pumps (GSHP) have been around for more than half a century. The technology exploits the constant temperatures we find right below the Earth’s surface, either for heating or cooling purposes, and has significantly higher efficiency than electrical heating, furnaces or even air source he


Energy Types Card Sort or Lab Station Activity

Energy types card sort. Radiant Energy Chemical Energy Potential Energy Kinetic Energy Sound Energy Electrical Energy Thermal (Heat) Energy Nuclear Energy