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How To Install Radiant Barrier on Attic Rafters in 5 Steps

The goal of adding a radiant barrier in your attic is to cover as much of the underside of the roof as possible. You want to add the foil on all surfaces that make up the roof, but you also need to keep vents open and clear of the foil.

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Radiant barrier spray

We are Houston’s premiere Residential and Commercial Foil Radiant Barrier Company. Our Radiant Barrier Foil blocks 97% of the sun’s radiant heat, reflecting it away from your attic and reducing your attic temperature up to 50 degrees, as well as increasing the efficiency of your existing insulation and your HVAC unit. This also makes radiant barrier foil a product that keeps saving you energy even in the winter months.

Attic Ventilation keeps the attic cooler in the summer and dry in the winter. Proper Attic Ventilation also contributes to the performance of attic insulation and radiant barrier spray.

Radiant Barrier works year round to help increase your home comfort and aid in reducing your energy consumption. Start saving $ today! Call((832)-534-8836) A Affordable Insulators & Services to find out which Radiant Barrier product is the best choice for your home. With this purchase you will receive FREE ATTIC INSULATION.*

The working mechanism of a radiant barrier is quite crucial. It stops heat transfer between a hot roof and conventional attic insulation.

Radiant barrier works on two basic properties and it includes reflectivity and emissivity. aluminum being reflective on the hot side it reflects some of the heat back from where it came. Subsequently and most significantly aluminum has a low emissivity, approximately 3% of the heat is emitted to the air on the cold will be particularly efficient in both summer and winter.