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If your "honesty" just means you are all the -isms under the sun and think you are in the right to be that as long as you're "honest" about it - then no.

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20 Martin Luther King Quotes

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#MalcolmX #oppression It's still happening... A few examples: A discussion of the terrorism propaganda that has been used to justify wars of aggression in the name of a so-called democracy, &that has been painting victims as criminals, another example is given by whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg who talks about the unjustified, criminal wars in Vietnam and Irak. Another example…

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A cool customer! The stunning collection of never published pictures from legendary American photographer Steve Schapiro

Protest: Martin Luther King during his march from Selma, Alabam, to Montgomery in 1965 as part of the American civil rights movement

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Why Race Matters

Was a change, however the act was only a step in the right direction and was a watershed moment as after this many more laws were passed; also showed that King's leadership and patience had achieved something and this was a great inspiration to many.


Exactly! And racism isn't 'an opinion' - you're just being horrible, so why do people think saying homophobic things is 'just my opinion' when you're being just horrible?


I don't stand behind dictatorship, but this made me think. I don't associate black with negativity, but others do. How did we got to this?


The Sheer Hypocrisy and Blind Racism here is Stomach Turning. Republicans/Conservatives/Teabags/KKK all Hate Our President and First Lady Michelle Obama, yet they turn around and Plagiarize her words. Then proceeded to Lie and Cover for Trump and his wife. I've had all I can take of Trump, Republicans and his entire Circus!! WE NEED TO DO BETTER AMERICA!! #Hillary2016


Great speech by Jesse Williams