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"Joseph's Collection": includes intact bird skeleton, muskrat jaw, coyote jaw, heron leg bones, deer ribs, beaver skull, catfish skull, bass spine, turtle breastbone, northern pike head and spine, green frog skeleton, squirrel skull, baby raccoon skull, raccoon skull, northern pike jaw. Photo by Mary Jo Hoffman


Skulls in a jar. Gotta put 'em somewhere I suppose.

from Etsy

Illustrated Skull- genuine raccoon skull mounted & framed

Illustrated Skull- genuine raccoon skull mounted framed. Dellamorte Co., via Etsy.

my personal blog Magic and Crack of Clouds and Stars I like to spend my time procrastinating and daydreaming and reblogging things that make me happy or relfect a fantastical life I wish I had. My main blog developed it's own rhythm and I felt like it...

from Etsy

Audrii muscipula

Little Shop of Horrors Skeleton by Tim Prince / Forgotten Boneyards The Audrii Muscipula, or Audrey from Little Shop of Horrors, is Frankensteined together with Mink vertebrae/scapula, Box turtle shells, a Skunk skull, Coyote teeth, and Raccoon mandibles, with the soil containing a mouse skull among other miscelanous bones.


dead things (headspacestudio: Autumn Forest Raccoon Skull )


squirrel chewed raccoon skull and texture  -


Alycia Debnam Carey as Lexa. The 100. (2015)