This rabbit stew with red wine recipe was developed for SAVEUR by chef Jean-Louis Palladin, whose recollections of a childhood spent eating wild game and mushrooms inspired this dish.

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Spanish Rabbit in Tomato Sauce Stew | It is common for Spanish to eat rabbit and small game birds often. Rabbits are easy to find in any local food market or chain supermarket in Spain. This recipe cooks the rabbit in a rich tomato-wine sauce and is delicious. Serve in a bowl with home-fried potatoes. This simple rabbit recipe is easy, requiring only basic cooking skills. Ask your butcher to cut up the rabbit and the recipe will be even easier!

Rabbit Stew with Mushrooms

Rabbit Stew with Mushrooms ~ Hearty rabbit stew with fresh and dried mushrooms, parsnips, garlic, shallots, and sherry. ~

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