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Sandy City Slickers - Rabbits are made to feel right at home in this man made sandy rabbit burrow in India. Better get down the beach with my bucket and spade then!

Rabbits are made to feel right at home in this man made sandy rabbit burrow in India. It'd be super cool to have a built up hill of dirt with sod on it the the middle of their enclosure with ladders going up it or something.

DIY Rabbit Burrow for Rabbit colony

We quickly discovered that our rabbits would not be able to handle the hea.

Rabbit tractor. PVC drain pipe for rabbit burrow. This is a great idea, I always feel so bad I can't let them out in the yard; I'm too worried about escape, but this looks secure!

PVC drain pipe for rabbit burrow. Potential problem: Wire mesh pushes grass down, rabbits prefer grass that they can eat from the tip to the root. Maybe heavier wire, but only placed in one direction?

Adorable Pet Rabbit <3

Large Indoor Rabbit Hutch, DIY Rabbit Cage Ideas & Accessories

Underground diorama -- so cute! Loved by www.alittlebirdtoldme.nl || webshop - necessary accessories

the bare bear lair: Hoppy Bunny Thanksgiving Dinner Diorama. This is an inspiration to do an underground painting or collage.

A fantastic place here for your bunnies to stay while you are on holiday! Click here to find out more http://carots.net/accommodation.php

Luxury rabbit and guinea pig accommodation. We cater for house rabbits and guinea pigs as well as pets that are normally housed outside. Our accommodation has been hand built and designed to promote instinctive behaviours.

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Photo of a century rabbit warren recreation at Westbury Court Gardens, Westbury upon Severn, Gloucestershire.

Woodland play mat needle felted with rabbit burrow, acorn, primrose and tree stump

Woodland play mat with tree stump and rabbit burrow, playscape forest includes meandering roots, colorful mushrooms, blue bells and an acorn

Beauty Saves the World • Egg tempera by Koo Schadler

Koo Schadler: Portfolio: Egg Tempera Nature I. These are wonderful paintings that remind me of a combination of medieval illumination and the Golden Age in the Netherlands.