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34 Incredible Images Taken Before Tragedy Struck

Between 1981-1987 the Treasurer of Pennsylvania was accused of receiving a bribe. During his trial on live television, R. Budd Dwyer pulled out a gun and killed himself.

did you know? - This photo of politician R. Budd Dwyer was taken...


R. Budd Dwyer. Claimed he was innocent and had been framed for the charge of "bribe receiving." On January 22, 1987, Dwyer held a press conference where he said his last words, handed out 3 envelopes, said "Please leave the room if this will offend you." and shot himself...all on live T.V! Due to the fact he died in office his family got to collect full survivor benefits in excess of $1 million, had Dwyer gone to jail they would have lost everything.

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Budd Dwyer moments before ending his life.


Honest Man: the Life of R. Budd Dwyer is a movie about politics and corruption, suicide and survival. Four years in the making, it explores the scandal that led an honest, hard-working man to take his own life. This independently produced feature-length documentary follows Budd Dwyer, a Pennsylvania politician who infamously committed suicide at a televised press conference. The film chronicles Dwyer's meteoric rise to political power and examines the bribery scandal and subsequent trial…


On Jan. 22, 1987, Pennsylvania's Treasurer, Budd Dwyer, called a news conference and shot himself in the head on television!