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The Koran: Holy Quran - Arabic Text, English Translation and Commentary by Maulana Muhammad Ali. There is no other translation or commentary of the Holy Quran in the English Language to compete with Maulvi Muhammad Ali’s Masterpiece” -Al-Haj Hafiz Ghulam Sarwar (translator of the Holy Quran)


Print of original painting - Subhanallah- islamic art by Leila Mansoor


Urgent: Important Notice to all Muslims from Dr. Zakir Naik . ....Warning. .. A New Version of Quran has been released on Apple play store. ..The name of this application is "The Holy Quran in Arabic text and English translation"Translated by Maulvi sher Ali,, Ahmediyya Muslim community has been clearly mentioned in app information in iPhone app store. .Plz make Muslims aware not to buy or download this application. ..All the Muslims are requested to perform their duty

Hadith Qudsi: Allah says "Take one step towards Me, I will take ten steps towards you. Walk towards Me, I will run towards you."