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Positive Quote: Strength grows in the moments when you think you can't go on, but you keep going anyway.

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That is part of it, but confidence is also from having opportunities and every human on earth needs a believer to give them opportunity to try! Trying does not always work the first or second time but teaches you & gives you option to not let it knock you down but instead try again with more strength & lessons learned from past to make each time more successful & learn from mistakes and even people's responses as to how they respond to your actions, each time you learn more of self to do…

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I'm Always looking to our future, the past is behind us, old habits have died and our future together is bright Tammi K Clanton

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i think this one is important especially for us ladies. For some reason we are so hard on ourselves and so overly self critical. We all need to give ourselves a break and enjoy who we are

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