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LOL if this isn't the truth! Can't stand two face backstabbers and a good chance I will call you out on it! I don't take any shit from anyone! :)

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Friend of Orange Is The New Black actress charged with stalking her

The designer appears to have hinted at the drama between her and her former famous pal posting an inspirational quote on Instagram on Monday

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Don’t worry, be happy

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Jealousy is a good i (Fashion Chalet)

SO true!!!! When you stop being such a loser, maybe you'll stop watching my boards and showing what trash you are by your pins.

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we are already loved and accepted by the creator of the world- when revel in that believe it to our core- we will need nothing from anyone else

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Everyone deserves equal rights and I think that is a view held by many men. As to a feminist dating I think many wonder what kind of guy would spend time with a person so angry and hateful who thinks their view is the only one. Is this all feminists, hardly, but I think it's different on a personnel level. No guy wants to hear their scum especially when they're just being a guy. Share and learn together.

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Funny, just talked to a friend tonight who brought this subject up. Yes , I am happy life is great (you say that and people look at u funny)

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This is what it's all about. Hard work now so that you've created the lifestyle you want for yourself. Motivation, success, inspiration, business, personal development, business, quote

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