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Reading fiction 'improves empathy', study finds

True. Revenge will hurt you more than the other person. By letting go of those who hurt you you're not only setting yourself free but you're respecting yourself by removing those toxic people from your life.

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100 Inspirational Quotes That Summarize The Wisdom About Life


The Girl Power You are Enough Manifesto. | I promise to not be an asshole to myself. Hell, I promise to love myself. I will remember that my self-worth is not based on what I look like, how much I weigh, how many followers I have, or any other stupid crap that has nothing to do with who I am. I will empower other girls and women. I will be kind. Fiercely kind. I will have a sense of humor. I will do my best not to gossip, create drama, or judge others (or myself). I will remember that…

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365 Happiness Project: Quote 188

I used to like this quote. But now, it kind of makes me aggravated. No one is perfect. You're gonna make mistakes and people will see them. But that just reminds them that you're human. Everyone does bad. But we make up for it with the good we do.


If you want 2017 to be your year; don't sit on the couch & wait for it. Go out. Make a change. Smile more. Be excited. Do new things. Throw away what you've been cluttering. Unfollow negative people on social media. Go to bed early. Wake up early. Be fierce. Don't gossip. Show more gratitude. Do things that challenge you. Be brave.


A life filled with silly social drama and gossip indicates that a person is disconnected that a person is disconnected from purpose and lacking meaningful goals. People on a path of purpose don't have time fro drama. -Brendon Burchard

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J.D. Salinger quote hand typed on antique typewriter scrapbooking


There are NO intimidating people. Just people with insecurities. Knowing this makes me feel better somehow. If I make you nervous it's because you just got done speaking poorly of me. And you don't know me. So work on confidence and do you!