Guilty? Still thinkin bout me? Don't waste ur breath....cause I don't my time thinkin bout u

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People claim to be sad and yet continue to post the stupidest shit and not EVER ask how YOU the person who actually is going through loss how they're doing...

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Story of my life... I poor out my emotions to you, you don't console me & you talk about yourself, and then when I'm upset about it, you ask what and why I'm upset. Just fuck off.

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Ever have one of those friends you just wanted to smack silly because their life is a mess or going nowhere and they keep hanging with the wrong people? Sometimes you have to let them go and pray for them and be there for them when their life crashes on the rocks and their fake #friends walk away and laugh at them. Be the one who is the hand of gentle forgiveness helping them up again.

Integrity is not something you show others. It is how you behave behind their back. Integrity quotes on

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Some+people+are+real.+Some+people+are+good.+Some+people+are+fake+and+some+people+are+real+good+at+being+fake. Picture Quotes.

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