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The importance of recognition for the efforts and accomplishments of your fellow co-workers.

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I miss everything that happened between you and me, it was all perfect until the day you decited to leave without a word. I miss you my ex best friend u we're great I'm sorry

Inspire everyone around you! Show them just how amazing they really are!

Controlling people want to show us how powerful they are. Conscious people want to show us how powerful we are.

http://lastlemon.com/happiness/ha0198/ HAPPINESS IS...being in a team.

This is so true because one of my favourite things about netball is being in a team

Teamwork makes the dream work!

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In Maslow's hierarchy of needs, feeling safe and secure and wanted is near the bottom of the pyramid, meaning it's an essential part of life. Sport offers a way for people to feel connected and grounded.

Yeah Honest advice is true. Hannah will walk up to me and tell me she doesn't like something I'm wearing and will force me to go change. -Addie

I won't call anyone my 'best' friend unless I really knew that I could trust them, they would be their for me etc. I wouldn't call them a best friend unless I knew them well enough that they'd be with me forever, in one point a view or another.

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