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Quotes About Pictures

from sofeminine

50 Cheating Quotes To Help Heal Your Broken Heart


Good morning baby,I think I got hit yesterday by sarcasm meme and had to hide to my cave,And everything like fall to pieces instantly .And then in the night there was one about anorexia and I caught wrong end again I thought you are struggling with it. .It`s not easy when you not around, Like being lost without you trying to find you in pictures.

from Etsy

Im Not Sorry About Your Fragile Masculinity Button Badge - Rainbow Badge - Feminist Badge

It would have been obvious to the original audience that Chaucner is trying to question the pardoner's masculinity because, as everyone knows, you're only a man if you have facial hair and a deep voice 😒😒😒

from BuzzFeed

36 People Share How They've Helped Friends Through Their Anxiety

There's a difference between being #introverted, being #shy, and being #anxious. They are NOT synonymous; however, it's been shown that these traits often overlap. Being introverted means that you feel drained after social interaction. Being shy means that you find social interaction embarrassing. Having #socialanxiety feels more like panic. What about you? Are you introverted, shy, or anxious? Or all three? (I'm an #introvert with occasional #anxiety, but not usually shy.)


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