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I didn't actually think about this…okay, it's a good think to keep in mind.

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I either totally realize which aisle of the walmart parking lot I'm parked on or I walk out of the store and have no clue. I either completely planded to place my keys there, or I totaly forgot where they are. I either think about you all of the time, or I don't know your name and face.

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Top 30 Best Quotes about Family

I wished on a star last night as I have for decades. I know you & dad are together, but I'm lonely. I wish you'd send me a sign so I know you're here with me still.

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This is great ...although when j first read it I though it said "I was out to eat this child"...

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A lovely quote

A friend of mine sent me this picture the other day. Unfortunately I don't know the originating source (if you do please let me know so I can give the correct credit), but I thought it portrayed my message of what I Am Super capes is all about.

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whoaaaa #feminism #women #herstory #patriarchy << and then stop for a moment to think about the fact that there are still women around the world IN 2016 who still have to live through all of this

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Beauty Quotes That Will Make You Feel Amazing

Most definitely-Evie you are the funniest most wonderful little person in the whole wide uniberse xX

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Seriously true about both of them, lol.

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Memory Wednesday I guess

little girls with dreams become women with vision

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