How about we all print this out on cards & hand them out to bullies and post it where ever we see nasty comments online? Maybe then the bully will realise that the person they actually hate is themself.

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It's true and when you're stuck in the ways society has conditioned you to be it's really hard to get out of this viscous cycle.

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guys, its real. Its happening all around us. I know I struggle with this, and I also know I'm not the only one who does. Stop making people feel worthless or replaceble just because you might be insecure about stuff. Humans have feelings, people are human. In most cases the put up a facadé that tells people that the words spoken to them don't hurt, and that it doesn't get to them. I know from experience that the facadé isn't reality. I still struggle with this, so guys make people feel the…

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Every day I hate myself. Looking in the mirror is painful. Occasionally I have thought "I look okay today" but then I go out and see so many beautiful skinny girls and guys that I know will never be interested in me. Then I start to feel fat and ugly again

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Do your thing. Don't concern yourself with what someone else is doing or not doing. Your integrity will shine through.

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