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Breathtakingly Beautiful Inspirational Quotes about Magic

Remind yourself that there is a little beauty and mystery everywhere with these inspirational quotes about magic.

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But is it strange? Beauty is in everything, even death, for death makes way to birth.....nature has so much to teach us if we just take the time to notice and listen.

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Beautiful and revitalizing...that is a perfect description. I've always felt this way about fall and thought it

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All the Disney feels (14 photos)

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Top 100 gratitude quotes photos Writer and Poet Thomas Merton with a charming quote about the relationship between #God and #Gratitude. #grateful #begrateful #quote #quotes #gratitudequote #gratitudequotes #inspiration #inspirationalquotes #inspirationalquote #guideposts #guidepostsmagazine #guidepost

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This film is about a psycho killer who likes to play games and kill people who have done wrong in their life time.

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Happy Thanksgiving