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I have shared with my children and grans...stop and smell the, did you see the bare trees share their new clothing?

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Berries respond back to the best advice they’ve ever received (33 photos)

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A grateful heart is a magnet for miracles

Inspirational Quote about Gratitude - Visit us at for the best inspirational quotes!

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Facts about Quran - Muhammad (saw) is only mentioned 4 times in the book, whereas Jesus - 29 times, Yasin - 36, Noah - 43, and Moses - 143 times!

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10 Inspirational Quotes Of The Day (418)

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Sometimes, if you want to see the stars in all their glory... you have to go out into the wilderness and face the dark. The stars remain during the day but we can't see them. Only when darkness fal...

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Don't call it a dream - Call it a plan

Inspirational Quote about Life, Dreams and Setting Goals. Visit us at for the best inspirational quotes!

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4 lessons we MUST teach our kids about racism

At Patheos Family, come alongside Ashley Willis and share in the ups and downs of womanhood, marriage, and parenting with lots of laughing, passion, and Christian perspective.

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